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We provide workshop in different engineering college,diploma college, ITI college, inter college and school we also provide summer training for the same.We also provide guidance for live project for all final year engineering student and diploma. Our team also provide home tuition and coaching for 1st to engineering school.

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The main objective of our company is to enhance the technical and Educational Knowledge. It includes projects related to different IC’s, Robotics, Sensors, Hydraulics and useful technical project in very basic manner. We also encourage them to achieve something different and good from others. In this we teach them about Science project and also provide basic knowledge about the project. We basically work on eco-friendly projects.

Features:- Cyber automation and its team are more than just a company with their multi features Such as:-

Reliability:- The best team understand that time is most important asses in life.
Strong Core Value & Beliefs:- We all have thing we believe in team, Success etc.
Recognizing Individual Strength:- Great team built with people who have great talents and skills.
Live Demonstration:- An act of showing that something exist or is true by giving proof our evidence a practical exhibition and explanation of how some. We show the performance of an equipment in actual uses.


We won Ist Prize at IIT BHU annual Technical Fest (TECHNEX 2K18) in Hydraulics Events. We won IInd Prize at IIT BHU annual Technical Fest (TECHNEX 2K17) in Hurdlemania Events. We won All the events held in Integral University 2K16 (Clean Sweep). We have also visited different IIT’s And NIIT’s and on several Events there. We attends many seminar and workshop in different field.

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Introduction: – In this we give basic Idea’s different devices that we see in our daily life and the project we made by using daily life component.
Presentation: – We try to create a friendly cum technical environment in which pupils (student) get to learn about different new technologies up to their level.
Demonstration:- We show different components that are used our daily life and tell about them i.e. their working on which Law that machine is based upon.
Live – Practical Demonstration:- We show different machines/ bots made as that are based on basic law of science.

Projects for class 5 th to 8 th

  • Pollution Control Model
  • Polymer model using electrical Kits
  • Easy generator make at home
  • Water heater
  • Tesla model
  • Volcano model
  • Dc appliances
    And so many…..

Projects for 9 th to 12 th

  • Dynamo energy generation
  • Seven colour display for White light
  • Water Tank Alarm
  • Bots made for Roborace, Robowar and so many other robotics competition like that.
  • Machine based on Hydrolics
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • D.C. drill machine & Cutter machine and so many other projects


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